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Welcome to Consultancy Cambodia is founded by Rachana Sam, who have experience with dealing with goverment offcials since 2013 and advising clients from all over the world, who like to live and work in Cambodia.

Below you find the services is offering.

Our services

  • Business consultations
  • Business consultations via email
  • Rental contracts
  • Revision of contracts
  • Housing – accomodations, please visit the page
  • Sole Proprietorship registrations
  • Ltd company registrations
  • Tax patent registration for sole proprietorships
  • Tax patent registration for ltd companies
  • Monthly tax accounts
  • Business licences
  • Khmer birth certificates
  • Khmer ID’s
  • Immigration/commune documents
  • Cambodian Citizenship for foreigners (New)
  • Police certificate (good behaviour report)
  • Legal marrieds with foreigner
  • Any other documents which not mentioned , we can offer you, our service.

If you are interested in the service of, please contact Rachana Sam by: Email or phone