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Welcome to Consultancy Cambodia  is founded as a part of N & K consultancy by Rachana Sam, who have experience with dealing with goverment offcials since 2013 and advising clients from all over the world, who like to live, work , or invest in Cambodia.

Below you find the services is offering.

Our services

  • Business consultations
  • Business consultations via email
  • Rental contracts
  • Revision of contracts
  • Housing – accomodations, please visit the page
  • Sole Proprietorship registrations
  • Ltd company registrations
  • Tax patent registration for sole proprietorships
  • Tax patent registration for ltd companies
  • Monthly tax accounts
  • Business licences
  • Khmer birth certificates
  • Khmer ID’s
  • Immigration/commune documents
  • Cambodian Citizenship for foreigners (New)
  • Police certificate (good behaviour report)
  • Legal marrieds with foreigner
  • Any other documents which not mentioned , we can offer you, our service.

If you are interested in the service of, please contact Rachana Sam by: Email or phone