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Tax registration

Registering Taxes in Cambodia

Once your business has been registered and it has been approved and stamped by the Ministry of Commerce then you have 15 business days from the registration issue date to register your business with the tax office.

Your initial business and tax registration is very important, if done correctly it can save you literally thousands of dollars in the future. The reason is that taxes can be set up a few different ways but this mainly depends on how your business is set up in the first place.

The department of taxation requires all businesses to register taxes within 15 business days. All limited companies will be liable for most of the following types of taxes:

  • VAT Tax 10%
  • Patent Tax (yearly tax)
  • Profit Tax 20% (minimum turnover of 1% if not profitable)
  • Salary Tax upto 20% depending on salaries
  • Withholding Tax 10% (rental tax which is often paid by the landlord)

You may be liable for other taxes depending on your business.

For smaller businesses, it is possible taxes can be fixed monthly amounts, however this depends on how your business is registered.

To register your tax you will normally require the following:

  • Signed photo copies of┬ávisa/passport (x2)
  • Signed passport size photos x 4 (6cm x 4cm)
  • Business registration certificate (original and photocopy)
  • Copy of residency permit/immigration documents
  • Rental contract of business premises
  • Phone number of owner of property (or proof they are paying rental tax)