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Work permits and Visa service

Living and/or  working in Cambodia on a EI / EB Visa?
Then you will need a Work permit.

For people that do not have yet, but have EB visa for the first time this year , you can apply for new work permit all year.

For freelancers who don’t have a registered business licence, or don’t work for a registered company, we can help you with our extended services.

Work permit process time, takes about 2 weeks.

Visa extention

If you like to extent your Visa, this we can do for you.
Be aware that a  tourist visa, can be extended only for one month max.

If you already extend your tourist visa, you need to leave the country and comeback and apply for a EI  (ordinary) visa , this one we can extend after a month for max 1 year.

If you like to use our service, please contact us